We offer lathing on 5 CNC-lathes, 2 clasic lathes and on one semiautomatic machine; further milling on 3 CNC machining centres and on 2 classic milling machines.
We can fabricate products that completely comply to the wishes of our customers.

We are able to manufacture products that match the highest quality standards, which has already been recognized by the western european market (Austrian, German and French companies).

We offer milling on following machines:
               • 2 universal lathe with diameter Ø 500 x 1.000 mm
               • 5 CNC lathes with processing capacity up to Ø 30 for rods and up to Ø 300 for pieces
               • 4 CNC machining centres with processing capacity up to Ø 36 for rods
               • one CNC milling machine with a bench size 500 x 400
               • 2 universal milling machines
               • one classic tool-milling machine
               • one pillar drilling machine
               • 3 CNC machinig centres with bench size 500 x 500
               • CNC saw and various auxiliary tool